Why did we create MJ MaryJane?

The team at Marmot Jaguar Corp created the MJ MaryJane app for cannabis connoisseurs and experts to classify, rate, store, share their marijuana related content, and use the data to discover the very best cannabis related knowledge. The Marmot Jaguar crew has worked for years to bring you MJ MaryJane and we are working diligently to make it better. We hope that you will enjoy MaryJane!

Why try MJ?

Our purpose is to help people sift through cannabis related information, to separate the signal from the noise, most importantly, to find the best cannabis related information. MJ helps connoisseurs find good cannabis by allowing them to fine tune reviews based on criteria such as flavors, feelings or consumption method. Using geo-location data makes it possible to locate such products. MJ helps cannabis explorers to sift through the multitude of cannabis related knowledge in a clean and organized, yet flexible format.

With MJ, enthusiasts can stay informed and discover the latest cannabis products. Find the latest reviews of those great products and find trending products location within the map. Cannabis enthusiasts can review products in details like a professional. Add ratings, flavor and cannabinoids details on the product, automatically create product cards with your reviews and share experiences to demonstrate skills to potential cannabis talent recruiters.

Is cannabis unique?

MJ respects that each bud is unique — much like a specific vintage of wine from a particular winery. However, the best tasting cannabis for you may be the same price as many others — you just need to find the right match. Because cannabis consumers are faced with a multitude of strain and grower combinations, it is important for connoisseurs to use research tools like MJ to discover and purchase the marijuana that best suits their taste. MJ does this by leveraging accurate reviews based on the palettes of fellow cannabis experts — including connoisseurs, critics, advocates and other trusted community participants.

Why focus on flavor and taste?

We believe that flavor is what sets apart a great bud from a good bud. This is because marijuana is grown, cured, and packaged under a variety of conditions. The result? Oftentimes strains with the same name will have completely different flavor and smell profiles. MJ provides a way for connoisseurs to consistently find the cannabis that best suits their specific taste and needs.

How can I find the best cannabis ?

Follow other MJ community members. If they are located nearby, acquire the exact bud that they have reviewed. Find the MJ community member near you that shares similar taste in marijuana — flavor, potency, and aroma — then follow their posts to that same exact marijuana in your area. Find a dispensary near you. Engage with other members of the MJ community directly through private text — keep in mind that MJ deletes messages 72 hours after they are received.

What do the ratings mean?

The “Quality” of the product indicates your overall impression of the cannabis on a scale from 1–10. The flavor rating indicates your opinion of the “Flavor” on a scale from 1–10. The rating is not mandatory when posting a review, but helps other users to discover the best cannabis. Ratings may be adjusted to one decimal place (e.g. 9.2).

What is the MJ score?

The MJ score indicates the quality of the content in the review of a cannabis based product or a cannabis related article. The MJ score is a number between 0 and 100, higher scores indicate higher confidence regarding the information contained in the article or post. Each review, article, or product on MJ starts with an MJ score of zero. A low MJ score indicates that the information contained in the article or post has not yet been verified by the MJ community.

How do we create the MJ confidence score?

Creating MJ scores follows a fairly straightforward process. Based upon the credibility of our critics and other community members, we calculate the total amount of confidence regarding a particular piece of information. The credibility of our critics and other community members is based upon the endorsements of the community members and their credibility. The MJ score is a weighted average in that we assign more importance, or weight, to critics and community members who are highly endorsed or who have other forms of credibility based upon the MJ algorithm. The result is a single number that captures the confidence of the entire MJ community regarding a particular piece of cannabis related information or knowledge. Based upon the credibility of the author, and as the community adds their feedback, the MJ score changes dynamically.

Are MJ community members upvotes included in the MJ confidence score calculations?

Yes. We solicit support indications, or ‘upvotes’, from our community members on all MJ entries. We do include these support indications in the MJ confidence score. The MJ confidence score is a weighted average based upon the credibility of the author of the information as well as the support indications provided by other MJ community members and in turn, their credibility. Members with higher levels of credibility have a greater impact on MJ scores. You may join the MJ community and personally impact MJ confidence scores today.

How do you order the People Sections?

The people section is ranked based upon credibility, specifically, the endorsement of attributes. MJ is a place where skills are valued.

What kind of privacy can I expect using MJ?

We take privacy very seriously. MJ participants have a choice regarding the level of anonymity on the platform: you may remain anonymous, continue to participate, gain credibility and benefit from the platform. You can retain your previously earned credibility. Do you have a good nose or a desire for good grass? Are you a part of the cannabis ecosystem willing to contribute? Then you may be a valued member of the MJ community.

How is MJ privacy protected?

MJ is semi-private. Other MJ users can only view the information that you provide to MJ or that is already available on the internet.

Is MJ anonymous?

MJ is semi-anonymous. MJ will give up the link between a username and a particular phone ONLY if legally compelled to do so.

Should I be nervous to give MJ access to my camera or photo album?

Absolutely not. The MJ app will only access your camera or album under your specific direction. You may always change the permissions for MJ in phone Settings.

Should I be afraid to allow MJ access to geolocation features on my phone?

Absolutely not. MJ uses this information only to help locate local legal cannabis dispensaries.

What are the attributes? How should I use?

MJ cares about your relevant cannabis attributes — perhaps your day job, but not necessarily. We do not care if you are a congressman or a policeman as long as you have good cannabis input. We know that your input matters. MJ offers a way to display your skills to the community and use them to gain credibility. You may change your attributes by touching them on your profile or access them in Settings under “Choose attributes”.

How do I change my name?

Go to “Settings” (resembles a sprocket icon in the upper right corner of your profile page (person icon)). In the section “Profile name” you can change your name to any name which is not already taken.

How do I edit my profile description and my profile picture?

To change your profile picture go to your profile page and click on your current profile picture. Now you may take a new picture or select one from your camera album. You may find your “Profile description” to change or add your description by accessing your settings icon in the upper right corner of your profile page. Please note that your profile picture and description will be publicly displayed to the MJ community.

I have friends already using MJ, how do I find them?

Access the Search icon (resembles a magnifying glass) and click the “people” category. Type the name of your friend into the “Search” field. You have the option to follow or direct message your friend. You may also scroll the “people” section to find friends or new people to follow.

How do I follow or unfollow people?

You may find another person by directly typing their name into the “Search” bar in the ‘’people” section of the Search area. You may follow someone by clicking the follow arrow (dot, arrow right). (unclick to unfollow). From a user’s profile, you may follow or send the user a direct message. Another user’s profile picture may be clicked in order to enlarge their photo.

What do the different tags mean?

The main hashtag categories are: Strain, How consumed, Tastes like, Feeling and Reason. It is not mandatory to indicate all categories when posting a review but the tags help other users to discover the best cannabis. Please note that posts are personal experiences of other users and that you should consult a doctor for your personal medical treatment. Hashtags show up in alphabetical order within each category on the post.

Can I add new hashtags?

Yes. You may add hashtags to any category. You may also use hashtags in the description part of your post. Your posts become more searchable by adding hashtags. You may use a hashtag to describe a dispensary, grower, or processor in the description area. Most legal growers, processors, and dispensaries can also be tagged from the menu in the tag icon feature available during the posting process. Tagging the dispensary and the grower helps other people find the exact bud you are reviewing.

How can I contribute?

Help curate. Upvote posts (^) and articles and add them to your personal collection (bookmark icon). Based upon your actions, and upon your level of credibility, the MJ score for the relevant info adjusts dynamically so that people may understand how confident the MJ community is in a particular piece of knowledge. Upvoting and collecting posts increases your credibility. Creating posts and comments and having other people upvote your posts or comments increases your credibility within the MJ community. In order to make a post, simply start with a picture of the bud or any picture that speaks to you. “Why hello…”

Show off your photography skills.

The best MJ posts contain:

  • The “Rating”, “How was the Cannabis?” — you have the ability to rate the “Quality” (star icon) of the cannabis experience as well as the “Flavor” (pac-man icon) of the cannabis you are describing. Your credibility will grow if you are accurate with your ratings and consistent with your scale.
  • The “Strain” name — Several strain #hashtag choices are provided during the posting process under the head shaped icon. Any strain name may also be manually input and will be saved for the next time that you make a post.
  • Where to find the cannabis — under the tag icon of the posting process, you may tag the grower, processor, or dispensary where you purchased your bud. Under the share icon of the posting process, you may “tag people” who share the moment with you or the person who gave you the bud. MJ’s goal is to lead people to the good bud, so while we recognize this is not always possible, we try to keep this goal in mind.

["You may also choose from a variety of hashtags in categories including: tools? reason? taste? feeling?", "The more information in your post the better!"]

How do I change my password?

Go to Settings on your profile page. In the section “Password” you may change your password. I am a content provider or a dispensary, how do i claim my account profile? Please send email to info@mjmaryjane.com and we will provide login credentials so that you may control your account profile.

How do I delete my account?

Please send an email to info@mjmaryjane.com from the email connected with your MJ account or stating your Twitter handle. Please note that deleting your account will also delete all the content associated with your account (such as posts, ratings, images). This content cannot be restored after deleted.